Bamboo Needles And Cotton Bamboo Yarn

I am currently working on kitting up all my stash yarn *insert prayers here* any who, I found a simple lace pattern on YouTube called the Knitting Spike Trellis Stitch. This pattern is a “4count” pattern.  In knitting terminology “multiple of 4” basically means when you decided to do this pattern; the pattern is done over 4 stitches.  I think that… should I do this pattern again (which I know I will) I would add two edge stitches.  which will then be “multiple of 4 +2” one knit stitch on each end, to give it more of a clear looking […]

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It has been tooooooo long.

Hey My Loveies!!! I know that I have not been active on my site or even in my podcasting. What can I say? We all know that life can get in the way and hold up all the wonderful joys that makes us extremely happy. Sad to say but I barely knitted on my hiatus. But I I have done some stuff. I will show them to you now. LOVELY STAR!   This pretty Entrelac in the round is crocheted!!!  I found this pattern online and let me tell you, not many people are working up this lovely pattern and […]

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Pandaville : Episode 9

This episode is short but sweet 🙂 I talk about the following patterns Baby Aran Bodysuit, Hat & Booties by Eileen Casey Baby Chalice Blanket by Lykkefanten Voodoo you love me by Susan Claudino Learn the Earflap Hat by Staci Perry Rodeo Drive Pancho by, Staci Perry

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Happy New Year!!!!!

I know I have been away for a while, and I am sorry.  I have been very busy with day to day things that by the time I think about blogging , my head has already touched my soft lovely pillow.  I have made a couple of things since last blogging let me show you. Then there is this one Then this one This one Is with My Special Guest THE Artsy Knitter   I will keep you all posted from here on in with things that I have and will be doing.   Live Life and Love it to […]

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Whip it WIPPIES!

Mr. BLUE got super attention the last 2 weekends! Now before your yarn hearts scream, remember that I am new to Spinning and I  am finding it difficult to keep consistency.  In reading spinning books, watching  youtube videos and purchasing video’s on How To spin, I am assured that I will get better over time! And I am starting to see it my self.  Just look for yourself: Can you see what I see? Happy dance! I am getting better and I think Mr. BLUE is happy at the amount of time I am spending with him. If I ignore […]

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Plans change…

This past 2 weeks has had me busy! Having baby around I’ve had to figure out some type of routine;  just when I though hubby and I figured out how we were going to plan stuff, BAM! Baby changes up his sleeping patterns! Instead of being like clock work, baby has taken to becoming a night owl;  thus leaving me with red eye syndrome from lack of sleep. I have yet to get cranky, (good looking out Café Bustelo!)  Mr.  Bustelo has always had my back during tough times. I always thought I was immune to his ways, seeing as […]

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Plus 1

At 4pm our party of 2 became 2 plus 1! I would love to show you a picture of the baby (supernova) is the nickname I will give him. But i am not sure if I am able to put his face on the internet being that he is our foster son. Hubby and I will know more and  what will happen on Friday. But until then hubby and I will just love this adorable baby until he either goes back home or we can keep him forever. No matter what are in the cards we will just do what […]

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National Knit in Public Week

I almost forgot that it is National Knit in Public Week. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t knitting in public! Today, Bryan and I had to do a 6 hour training for our recertification as Foster Parents.  We sat in the back so that I wasn’t being rude. Usually,  when I go for trainings I don’t knit. I think the reason I don’t do this is because I’m usually doing training that are job related and I kind of feel guilty for doing something pleasurable and non work related I really never know what too expect,  so although I bring […]

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Monogamy is Not for me

I have been faithful for a couple of weeks and I have been feeling good about it. Thinking to myself this is truly hard but I am so proud that I have been sticking to it. I have come a long way and I could definitely see all my monogamy in those weeks. What can I say, temptation is everywhere! On my computer in books and in my home! to be honest, i am suprised that I lasted this long. All of my  thoughts about what could be, if only I break my vow. But I couldn’t I just couldn’t […]

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At Last!

It came! Beautiful People It Came!!!! I am so excited I want to climb on top of my building and scream “ABOUT TIME” My drop spindle arrived today! It was waiting for me when I got home. I will name my spindle “Mr. Blue” funny really how I came to that name… so this is what happened… when I placed the order I had requested that it come in blue. I honestly thought that when they were referring to color I thought they meant the color of the fiber!!(lol) oh well that’s my bad. The fiber that came with Mr. […]

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