At Last!

It came! Beautiful People It Came!!!! I am so excited I want to climb on top of my building and scream “ABOUT TIME” My drop spindle arrived today! It was waiting for me when I got home. I will name my spindle “Mr. Blue” funny really how I came to that name… so this is what happened… when I placed the order I had requested that it come in blue. I honestly thought that when they were referring to color I thought they meant the color of the fiber!!(lol) oh well that’s my bad. The fiber that came with Mr. […]

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Anxiously Waiting…

I have done it! After thinking long and hard I have finally brought a drop spindle!!!! Stupid me, I ordered it right before a holiday and now I am here twirling my thumbs! (Well not really I am taking the time that I wait to knit one of about 5 projects I have on my needles.) I can’t say what got me wanting to spin my own yarn, but there I was, knitting and thinking about what it would feel like to make my own yarn? so there I was researching and purchased a drop spindle on  So while […]

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