Plus 1

At 4pm our party of 2 became 2 plus 1! I would love to show you a picture of the baby (supernova) is the nickname I will give him. But i am not sure if I am able to put his face on the internet being that he is our foster son. Hubby and I will know more and  what will happen on Friday. But until then hubby and I will just love this adorable baby until he either goes back home or we can keep him forever. No matter what are in the cards we will just do what […]

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National Knit in Public Week

I almost forgot that it is National Knit in Public Week. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t knitting in public! Today, Bryan and I had to do a 6 hour training for our recertification as Foster Parents.  We sat in the back so that I wasn’t being rude. Usually,  when I go for trainings I don’t knit. I think the reason I don’t do this is because I’m usually doing training that are job related and I kind of feel guilty for doing something pleasurable and non work related I really never know what too expect,  so although I bring […]

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Monogamy is Not for me

I have been faithful for a couple of weeks and I have been feeling good about it. Thinking to myself this is truly hard but I am so proud that I have been sticking to it. I have come a long way and I could definitely see all my monogamy in those weeks. What can I say, temptation is everywhere! On my computer in books and in my home! to be honest, i am suprised that I lasted this long. All of my  thoughts about what could be, if only I break my vow. But I couldn’t I just couldn’t […]

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