Whip it WIPPIES!

Mr. BLUE got super attention the last 2 weekends! Now before your yarn hearts scream, remember that I am new to Spinning and I  am finding it difficult to keep consistency.  In reading spinning books, watching  youtube videos and purchasing video’s on How To spin, I am assured that I will get better over time! And I am starting to see it my self.  Just look for yourself: Can you see what I see? Happy dance! I am getting better and I think Mr. BLUE is happy at the amount of time I am spending with him. If I ignore […]

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Plans change…

This past 2 weeks has had me busy! Having baby around I’ve had to figure out some type of routine;  just when I though hubby and I figured out how we were going to plan stuff, BAM! Baby changes up his sleeping patterns! Instead of being like clock work, baby has taken to becoming a night owl;  thus leaving me with red eye syndrome from lack of sleep. I have yet to get cranky, (good looking out Café Bustelo!)  Mr.  Bustelo has always had my back during tough times. I always thought I was immune to his ways, seeing as […]

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