It has been tooooooo long.

Hey My Loveies!!!
I know that I have not been active on my site or even in my podcasting. What can I say? We all know that life can get in the way and hold up all the wonderful joys that makes us extremely happy. Sad to say but I barely knitted on my hiatus. But I I have done some stuff. I will show them to you now.



Ohhhhh look how PRETTY!!! I want it!!! oh sorry, I making this hahaha

This pretty Entrelac in the round is crocheted!!!  I found this pattern online and let me tell you, not many people are working up this lovely pattern and for the life of me I don’t understand why.  This pattern is worked using the Tunisian crochet stitch. The colors that I am using are Lavender and White in the Snuggly Wuggly by Loops and Threads brand I purchased this yarn at my local Michael’s.  I don’t know the name of this pattern as I YouTube searched it. I had to just go off of the video (Replay was my BEST FRIEND) as the person that filmed it  didn’t speak English.  Trust me when I say, I tried looking for an English version and can’t find it. If you can find it then please send it along.

  I haven’t worked on this for a couple of months now.  If I could be honest; I don’t even know where it is.  once I find it I will start working on it because I think it will be a lovely blanket I may even make my own YouTube video to show others how to make this lovely pattern. Or maybe I will just start a new one… hummm decisions, decisions!!!



Progression is on going. Never mind the beer bottle in the back. That is just how I start my Friday night.

Loving the progression!!! Dr Who scarf!!!! wat u Noe bout dat?!

I found this free  Dr. Who scarf on RavelryTardis Logo Scarf by Kristen Danleys I have to say that the make up of the scarf was different. (I didn’t do the scarf as the pattern stated. ) the pattern itself is amazing, but I just couldn’t work out how it was supposed to be knitted.  So I made some changes (not much) so that I am able to just knit it front and back. I just realized that I made a mistake ( Can you point it out?) anywho, after I made some slight changes, it was a dream to knit.  In fact, I may make another one in a different color 🙂 maybe in black and grey!!!  I have to find more patterns that represent Dr. Who. I absolutely LOVE Dr. Who.



Introducing my Shortie!!!!

Awww me spinning on my drop spindle!!! this lovely Malibrigo is all mine!!!


So this lovely Drop Spindle is my Shortie!! I got Shortie when I went to a conference in Alexandria, VA at a lovely Yarn store Fiber Space.  So, being from New York City our local yarn shops are kind of small.  Don’t get it twisted!  it is not about the size but the quality!! of what shops stack.  I have to say that Fiber Space had both.  I died and went to heaven when I entered the shop.  If you are from New York City, just think about a ground level 2 bedroom apartment with an open floor concept for the living room/kitchen! It was great. The lady that worked the front looked tired but tried her very best to be helpful and to that I am thankful.  But you could tell that the day was getting to her. While I was visiting the yarn shop they had a class going, I wish I was able to join the class but I was taking time before grabbing dinner to grab a quick something 🙂 and that is when I just had to have my Shortie!!  Now, for this lovely fiber that I am spinning.  It is from my stash. All I remember is that it is Malabrigo.  I want to say that I got it from Argyle I absolutely love this shop it is in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn and every time I am there I feel like I am in a section of heaven made specifically for me. The owners are wonderful and always have a smile on their face when they see you. When I have gone, they always seem to remember me.  Now, I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing lol.  I am just going with, it is a WONDERFUL thing. hahaha (hiding my receipts)


Meet Lester


Everyone meet Lester!!! Creepy right? lol

I purchased Lester and his friend Rosemary (who you will meet in a minute) because I would love to make more hats.  I know that Lester is a “man”size but it is better than nothing. Not to mention, I am building a family but I have to make sure that I am curbing my spending!

This is RoseMary 

Front View Of the Bankhead Hat on my lovely Rosemary

Bankhead Hat modeled on Rosemary

I am missing the child.  I don’t want to tell you guys the name until I Have purchased. Just know, it will be creepy name like mama and papa.


Now that RoseMary has debuted the hat that I have knitted. I should tell you about it.  it is the Bankhead Hat by Susie Gourlay which is a free pattern on Ravelry.  I  used yarn that was gifted to me for last years birthday.  If I remember the label name correctly, it was “Big Saver” which is a Michael’s brand. welp, here it is.

now that Rosemary had her turn I want to try!!!! Bankhead Hat!! yea baby

I think it is beautiful!

but before it was what is depicted above; it began with what is below:

I think it is going to be a bit big… we will see…

Time to change the needles.







This turned out to be HUGE!!! all I did was go down a needle size.  this Bankhead was knitted in a size US 8.  using yarn from my stash, another birthday gift.




                    A GIFT FOR MY RED


working on the Elder Tree Shawl and having a beer!

All done. Now all I need to do is soak this bad boy and block it!!!!!! Elder Tree Shawl is done!!! Yea baby on a roll

UGGGHHH I dropped my phone and ever since then, my photos come out blurry!!! oh well.

Blurry but I am so happy this is finished!!!

Finished! Por Fin!!! I need to work on my blocking skills.

Turtle Top with Hat for my nephew RED for his born day!!! I can’t wait to meet him. You peep my baby Ashford? how pretty is my spinning wheel?

There isn’t much that I can say about these pics that has not been said in their individual captions.  I will just recap.  The above pictures are from the Elder Tree Shawl by Sylvia McFadden . This pattern is available for purchase and download.  I am not sure if this has always been the case. I do not remember paying for this pattern.  but either way, I love this pattern.  The pattern is easy to remember, which makes it a great “on the go” project.  I had made this pattern a while ago and it was a joy to make even then.  for this particular project. I used yarn by Oh Loops Yarn. in the Leaky Cauldron colorway (that is the multi color) and the beige color is… (I cant remember!!! ugh!!!) but I know that it is Madline Tosh.  My cousin is finally having a boy (had a boy) and I decided to use this pattern as a stroller cover. The weather is getting nice so I thought this would be a nice added piece.  She also asked me to make this turtle shell with the hat so that he could wear it for his hospital picture.  The yarn that I used is from Michael’s and i think it is Vianna’s Choice.

Introducing Red!!!

Awww!!!! look who is using the turtle blanket I made for his hospital picture!!! My nephew Red looks too cute!!!!