Bamboo Needles And Cotton Bamboo Yarn

I am currently working on kitting up all my stash yarn *insert prayers here* any who, I found a simple lace pattern on YouTube called the Knitting Spike Trellis Stitch. This pattern is a “4count” pattern.  In knitting terminology “multiple of 4” basically means when you decided to do this pattern; the pattern is done over 4 stitches.  I think that… should I do this pattern again (which I know I will) I would add two edge stitches.  which will then be “multiple of 4 +2” one knit stitch on each end, to give it more of a clear looking edge because right now, it is curling on the ends and it kind of looks funny.  Since starting this pattern I have been using two types of needles.  Needles used:  Clover Takumi bamboo US 8 then I switched to Knitters Pride US 5.  In the photo below, I am switching from the Bamboo needles to the Pride.


Before I go on. I want to share with you the yarn that I am using. 245 yards of Lion Brand Collection Cotton Bamboo the band on the yarn says to use a size US 6.  Welp… I really jumped around on that. Still on my learning phase. So here is what I learned, I shouldn’t switch needles while working on a project unless directed to do so by the pattern. it complete screwed me up. Well not really but kind of.  I have made several mistakes with this one and to be honest, I don’t understand how!!! this pattern is a two row repeat. meaning there are ONLY 2 row’s to remember to do over and over again!!!! How the hell do I mess that up! dropped stitches, decreases where there shouldn’t be, tension not even etc.  On top of all of that,  I keep on knitting on it, knowing that I will pull it all out and try it again.  Below, I have tried to point out some of the mistakes that I have made.

I think I will rip it all out and start from scratch after this post. All of these mistakes are getting to me and I should have known better than to continue on. It’s just that I was getting lazy and thought that the mistakes would go unnoticed. But nothing really goes unnoticed when you are knitting lace.  So, it is back to the drawing board for me on this one.

On another note:

I am making an elephant head !!! This project is for a friend who quilts.  She wants to make quilted blankets with animal heads.  I found a blanket on Ravelry  i cannot remember the name of the pattern that I took the “head” from lol but in my next blog I will share it with you. The best part is that the pattern is free!!! and we are all about FREE things.  It is the first time that I have attempted to make an animal head.  I think I did a good job. (I still need to sew on both ears) but I think I did well.  I think that I will use a smaller size crochet hook the next time I do this because the closing of the head, you can see the Poly-Fill. I don’t think you are supposed to see it.  BUT for the first time I think I did a bang up job and I am proud!!!!


well my lovies until next time

Live life and love it to the fullest!!!