Anxiously Waiting…

I have done it! After thinking long and hard I have finally brought a drop spindle!!!! Stupid me, I ordered it right before a holiday and now I am here twirling my thumbs! (Well not really I am taking the time that I wait to knit one of about 5 projects I have on my needles.)

I can’t say what got me wanting to spin my own yarn, but there I was, knitting and thinking about what it would feel like to make my own yarn? so there I was researching and purchased a drop spindle on  So while I wait here are a couple of things that I have learned for drop spindle.

  1. It is an ancient tool used to turn fiber into yarn or thread
  2. It is best to know what fibers are best to use when you are a beginner (if I am not mistaken, it’s Roving Wool)
  3. There is just too much to type up/look up.

So I have hit YouTube to get answers, and it seems that I am having more questions then answers. So while I wait on my spindle and how to do the whole turning fiber into yarn I will continue to knit the projects I have already on my needles.  Not that I should be looking at other hobbies, but I find turning fiber into yarn then turning that yarn into a project that I knit up… exciting. I guess we will see if this will be yet another obsession.

Until then. Some of my projects…

Skywalker by: Laura Nelkin

Skywalker by Laura Nelkin

shawl that I made for my Mom


My first time ever trying to make socks and all for my hubby.  (for putting up with my going on’s of knitting)

my first ever toe up socks

Socks for my Hubby

Progress on Toe Up Sock 2

Progress on Toe Up Socks

oh yea looking good

Oh Yea Looking Good

flex thoes toes


I am hoping that my spindle comes tomorrow!!! I am so looking forward to trying this! I will be posting a YouTube video as soon as it comes!

Live Life & Love to the fullest!

Panda Out