Monogamy is Not for me

I have been faithful for a couple of weeks and I have been feeling good about it. Thinking to myself this is truly hard but I am so proud that I have been sticking to it. I have come a long way and I could definitely see all my monogamy in those weeks. What can I say, temptation is everywhere! On my computer in books and in my home! to be honest, i am suprised that I lasted this long. All of my  thoughts about what could be, if only I break my vow. But I couldn’t I just couldn’t and it finally got to me! I did something that flushed all those weeks of monogamy down the drain! Ready for this? I brought 14 balls of yarn for just 25 dollars! That’s what did it, the yarn! although it was cheap yarn the colours drew me in and said

Panda, I know you have ideas for us. All you need to do is say your interested. ..

although I just got the yarn today I do not plan to wait until I am done with my baby sweater to start using it. But I do have some ideas perhaps a blanket or a shawl… give me some ideas…. 



And here is my baby sweater


Just have to do the sleeves and I’m done… I should really just finish, but the yarns are calling to me to make something new…
Oh well I guess I will try harder next time

Love life &Live it to the fullest
Panda, Out