Hello Knitting World!


Hello Hello!!!

I have finally built up enough courage to blog!!! so excited about tracking my learning experiences in my knitting adventures. Last month I started YouTube-ing and figured I started backwards, lol. I have read a lot of blogs and after bloggers blog for a while they then posted video’s.

I on the other hand have to be different or what my husband calls unique(which I think is his nice way of saying weirdo). which is ok by me as long as I am doing the thing that I love most and I am happy that I am starting to blog. I have a lot more  room to chat and document whenever I want.  YouTube is great; But I can’t see taking to Youtube everytime I want to chat bout knitting and anything to do with knitting.  For me YouTube is more of a bi weekly check in and if something really interesting happens (a weekly check in) but for now, I will foucus on learning how to blog.  Sounds, silly I know, but I always say, what is easy to one person is not always easy for another.   So I will take this and run with it, see what comes of it.