Plans change…

This past 2 weeks has had me busy! Having baby around I’ve had to figure out some type of routine;  just when I though hubby and I figured out how we were going to plan stuff, BAM! Baby changes up his sleeping patterns! Instead of being like clock work, baby has taken to becoming a night owl;  thus leaving me with red eye syndrome from lack of sleep. I have yet to get cranky, (good looking out Café Bustelo!)  Mr.  Bustelo has always had my back during tough times. I always thought I was immune to his ways, seeing as I can drink him late in the evening(say, 11:00pm) and quickly catch some serious Zzzzz’s.  Mr. Bustelo has suprised me this time around. He still does nothing for trying to keep me up when I need to be up, but he definitely has help curve my bitch-yness and help me be a people person during the day!
If it weren’t for Mr. Bustelo, I would be in the minus when it comes to friends and family.  It amazes me, how quickly life changes when a baby is brought into the mix.  With in 2 weeks this baby has taken up all my energy as soon as I come home from work I gravitate to baby and the rest of the night is history!
It’s not that I haven’t tried planning what I need to get done when I get home, because trust me I have.
This is how it’s planned:
1. Get home, feed baby
2. Change baby
3. When baby falls a sleep put him in crib
4. Work on knitting
5. Other (house work, dog walk etc.)

This is how it goes down:
1. Get home, feed baby
2. Change baby
3. When baby falls asleep put him in crib
4. Work on knitting
5. Other (house work, dog walk, etc)

As soon as I pick up my needles to work on my numerous WIP; there is this low fussy sound that quickly stops. Then within a matter of seconds,  comes back with a vengeance as a full blown scream (like some one is hurting baby!) So I put my needles down go over to baby and do the routine check,
1. Any signs of him being hurt.(no physical signs)
2. Check his dipper (if dipper needs changing, change it)
3. Check the time (is it time for him to eat already?! I just put him down)
By the time I go through my check list baby is wailing his eyes out screaming bloody murder until I pick him up. Once I pick him up; the world has come to a eerie silence, like in scary movies when your waiting for the killer/monster to just pop out of no where. A sound that I have not heard for long periods of time in these past 2 weeks.  All is good in my home when baby is in my arms. I love baby in my arms he smells so yummy and all I want to do is kiss him and squeeze him because he is too cute to resist.

But I miss my knitting! I miss my yarns and the way the needles “click, click, click” when I find my rhythm and find my zen. I tried knitting while baby slept in my arms, let me tell you, it is hard as hell! Every little movement startles him.  So while baby has been with us this had forced me to be a monogamous knitter.  Any little bit of time I have, I  pick up the biggest of my WIP and Try to do a little work on it. 
I have even brought my bigger WIP with me to and from work, in the hopes that I can knit while in transit.  But more times then I would have  liked,  my knitting stays in the bag because either the bus and or train is super crowded and there is no way I  going to knit while being uncomfortable. 

I hoped I would be further a long with my knitting, but here’s what I got


Corner to corner baby blanket (train)


Started on Hubbies socks (on the bus)


Trying to knit while baby is sleeping in my arms, and hubby  knocks out on my shoulder (call me the Big Comfy Couch)


The shawl from Laura…( I am forgetting her last name) but this is Clarus. 

And look who came to visit her Titi Panda


She finally tried on the sweater I made for her.  I am happy with it! It swims on her now(that was the point) so come the fall/winter it will fit her perfectly!  Go me, happy dance, shake your hands !



Sadly nothing has been done with Mr. BLUE for these past 2 weeks but I hope this weekend can be about me and blue! Just wanted to show you that my drafting (pulling a part the fibers) is getting better!

Well my yarn addicts I hope you have a great day

Live life &Love it to the fullest
Panda out